Future Screenings

Ska’d by the Music (event not in your subscription)

25/10/2018 19:45 at The Kings Head & Bell, East St Helen Street, Abingdon.
Cert E

Remember Ska? Originating in Jamaica in the late 50s, it was later revived in the UK and had a strong influence on Punk. Both styles came from inner city areas of high unemployment and deprivation – where there was significant cultural influence from Caribbean immigrants. The film tells the story of the British Jamaican Ska band Symarip which, Sharon Woodward says, “[…] did so much to engage a future generation of young working class people. Young people from different cultures working side by side in factories or wherever during the day, were going to the same clubs and listening to the same music at night.” A highly engaging and entertaining documentary, which also comments on the background social and political conditions.

Dir: Sharon Woodward  60mins UK 2017

This special screening is not included in your membership, and takes place in
The King Charles’ Room at The Kings Head & Bell, East St Helen Street, Abingdon at 7.45pm

Introduction and discussion by Sharon Woodward, the director.

Admission (to all) is £7.50 (full-time students £3.50) and early booking is advised, as seating is limited.
We will also be screening Sharon’s short film The Indian Army in the First World War: An Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Perspective . (8mins)
There will be a voluntary collection for Shadowlight Artists, a local charity supported by Sharon (shadowlightartists.org.uk/)

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Loveless ( Nelyubov)

1/11/2018 19:45 at Health and Wellbeing Centre.
Cert 15

The opening shot of a boy walking home in a snowy landscape amongst gnarled leafless trees takes us to the chilling core of Zvyagintsev’s narrative. Loveless explores a Russia where individual gratification is the new ideology. His parents hardly notice his arrival as they battle over their divorce, in which neither has made allowances for Alyosha’s wellbeing – there is no room for him in their new lives. Two days later his school notifies them of Alyosha’s disappearance, which neither had noticed. “[…] this is a film dominated by an atmosphere of sadness, emotional failure and doom. A fiercely smart drama, its despairing mood sticks with you long after it ends.” (Dave Calhoun, timeout.com) Nominated for 2018 Best Foreign Language Film Oscar. We screened Zvyagintsev’s Leviathan in 2016.

Dir: Andrey Zvyagintsev  127mins  Ru/Fr/Ge/Be 2017


After the Storm

8/11/2018 19:45 at Health and Wellbeing Centre.
Cert PG

Another beautifully observed film about family life in modern Japan from Kore-eda. This is the story of Ryota, a prize winning author who has gambled away his fame and fortune, and is close to losing contact with his son Shingo because of his failure to pay child support. Ryota, now working as a gumshoe of dubious scrupulousness, nevertheless endeavours to maintain a good relationship with Shingo for reasons to do with his own father’s failings. Their visits to Ryota’s mother, now widowed and successfully rebuilding her life, are both amusing and endearing. As the storm clouds of the title gather, will this bring new beginnings for Ryota? “Simplicity is paradoxically complex in Kore-eda’s movies. The domestic space is so beautifully realised.” (John Bleasdale, cine-vue.com)

Dir: Hirokazu Kore-eda  118mins   Japan 2016

Alex Jacoby, a leading expert on Japanese cinema, returns again to ABCD to introduce and discuss this film.