Future Screenings

Chronicle of a Summer (Chronique d’un Eté)

2/02/2017 19:45 at Health and Wellbeing Centre.
Cert 12

This is a serious, charming and much celebrated early cinéma-vérité documentary of Parisian life in which the film-makers quiz a wide circle of friends about their lives and ambitions: “How do you live? What do you do with your life?” The respondents, all ordinary citizens, discuss topics including racism, economics, war and sexuality – providing the very opposite of the meaningless vox-pops we are daily served up on TV. “Morin and Rouch never lose a certain sense of loose fun. They may have set out to explore some weighty aspects of life in their time and place but they also knew from the beginning that they would likely fail to get what they wanted. What’s more, they find that futility funny and invite us to do the same” – David Bax, Battleship Pretension. (Cert 12)
Dirs: Edgar Morin, Jean Rouch 91mins France 1961

The Mystery of R W Paul

9/02/2017 19:45 at Health and Wellbeing Centre.
Cert E

Robert W. Paul (1869 – 1943), is one of the major British film pioneers, designing film cameras in the very early days and making many films between 1895 and 1908. Ian Christie, who has been researching him for about 20 years, will screen and discuss a selection of Paul’s work. (Cert E)

Ian Christie, Professor of Film and Media History at Birkbeck College, London, and a very good friend of ABCD, is Britain’s foremost film academic. He worked for many years at the British Film Institute and has introduced notable British films for us a number of times.


23/02/2017 19:45 at Health and Wellbeing Centre.
Cert 15

Jack O’Connell plays Gary Hook, a British soldier sent to West Belfast in 1971. Hook has been recruited from a challenging social background in the North of England and is more than somewhat out of his depth in the midst of the conflict in which the plot plays out. Following a bungled search he finds himself alone and separated from his squad. An innocent abroad he must navigate the sectarian divisions in the communities. “Film-makers have rarely dared to use the Troubles as a backdrop to any sort of mainstream entertainment. You cannot, after all, move through those waters without picking up inconvenient political residue in every exposed crevice. Demange’s film engages with more than a few controversies.” Donald Clarke, The Irish Times. (Cert 15)
Dir: Yann Demange 95mins UK 2014