Membership of the ABCD Film Society

Special offer!
New members can join for the first four films for only £20. This will be deducted from your subscription if full season membership is later taken out.

To attend one of our film shows you have to be a member or the guest of a member. Membership is open to anyone over 16. Please note that members under 18 will not be admitted to films classified as X or 18.

Membership rates for the 2017/18 Season

Full season

£128 for 2 people

Half season 5th October 2017 to Christmas break (11 films) or 4th January to 22nd March 2018 (11 films)

£68 for 2 people

Household Membership for the full season

This entitles one person from a household to attend every film but it does not have to be the same person each time.


One Week Membership

£6 (unless stated otherwise for a particular event).

If you subsequently  purchase membership until the end of the current season the one week fee will be deducted.

Student Discount

We offer a discount of 50% off all quoted rates to all school and full-time H.E. students.

For further details about membership applications please call 01235 521976 or email