Madame de…

6/12/2018 19:45.
Cert U

Universally heralded as a masterpiece, this is essential­ly a shaggy dog story about a pair of earrings which change hands for a variety of reasons. Contessa Madame de… (Danielle Darrieux) is obliged to pay off debts by selling the earrings, a gift from her errant husband. When said spouse, General André de… (Charles Boyer), discovers they are missing he advertises for their return. He then gives the returned earrings to his mistress Lola, who later sells them on … “After numerous viewings I’m happy to call Max Ophüls’s Madame de… […] flawless. […] This master­piece stars Danielle Darrieux as a wilful French countess in fin-de-siècle Paris who falls in love with an Italian diplomat (Vittorio De Sica). […] Darrieux has never looked more entrancing.” (Philip French,

Dir: Max Ophüls 100mins   France   1953