7/02/2019 19:45.
Cert U

A joy to the eye, this beautifully restored film is pure romance, telling the story of how the Taj Mahal came to be built. Shiraz is a lowly but talented potter in love with his adopted sister, Selima, who is sold to the palace as a slave. Her beauty is spotted by Prince Khurran who makes his intentions clear. Shiraz is always gripping, at times with edge- of-seat tension. This, together with its musical soundtrack, ensures no allowance is needed for it being a so-called ‘silent’ film – it simply isn’t!

“Multilayered, pulsing with energy, weaving a selection of Indian and European instruments together […], Shankar’s score invigorated the film.” (Pamela Hutchinson,

Dir: Franz Osten  106mins   Ind/Ger/UK   2016