The Party + Philomela’s Chorus

Cert 15

Potter, who began as a director in the theatre, sets The Party in the confined space of a London town house. It is given by Janet (Kristin Scott Thomas) to cele­brate her appointment as a shadow minister, with her husband Bill (Timothy Spall), her friend April (Patricia Clarkson), and the latter’s husband (Bruno Ganz) in attendance. The film, pacy and with deft camera movement, is not at all stagy. Rather the setting concentrates the impact of the acerbic dialogue and the action, of which there is plenty. Some would label the characters ‘the metropolitan élite’. Be that as it may, Potter skewers them.

“[…] a brisk, coruscatingly witty farce […], this is a comedy that bites because it is utterly and urgently of our moment” (So Mayer, Sight and Sound,

Dir: Sally Potter   70mins   UK   2017

The 2017 Encounters Shorts Package—Philomela’s Chorus

Four short films from four young black British female directors commissioned to address the under-representation of women in moving image production. With a total run time of 40 minutes the films use video art, performance and experimental narratives to explore ideas of the hidden censored voice.

The Words I do Not Have Yet Phoebe Boswell / UK / 11mins;
Amine                                      Beverley Bennett / UK / 12mins;
Mel’s Lament                                Nicola Thomas / UK / 8mins;
Something Said                                 Jay Bernard / UK / 8mins