Future Screenings


17/10/2019 19:45 at Health and Wellbeing Centre.
Cert 15

Based on the true life memoir of US police officer Ron Stallworth, director Spike Lee takes every opportunity to expose the irony of the infiltration by a black undercover cop into the Colorado branch of the white supremacist organisation Ku Klux Klan. Stallworth [John David Washington] while dealing with the KKK leader David Duke [Topher Grace], needed a white frontman to pose as him, whereupon colleague Flip Zimmermann [Adam Driver] further witnessed the anti-semitism of the organisation.

“Hell, this thing is so mainstream it feels like the start of a franchise. And yet, that mass appeal is a huge part of what makes this funny and righteously furious American film so powerful.”

David Ehrlich, IndieWire.

Dir: Spike Lee, USA, 128mins, 2018

Jacquot de Nantes

24/10/2019 19:30 at Health and Wellbeing Centre.
Cert PG

Agnes Varda’s labour of love to document the life of her husband and fellow director Jacques Demy before his death from terminal illness in 1990. Jacquot tells Demy’s story from his childhood as the son of a garage mechanic to his final days. We are showing this film as a tribute to Agnes Varda who died March 29th this year, many of whose films we have shown in recent years.

We welcome our French cinema expert, Dr Ann Miller to introduce and discuss the film.

Dir: Agnes Varda, France, 118mins, 1991

You, the Living (Du Levande)

7/11/2019 19:30 at Health and Wellbeing Centre.
Cert 15

The title is a quotation from Goethe: ‘Be pleased then, you, the living, in your delightfully warmed bed before Lethe’s ice-cold wave will lick your escaping foot.’ Swedish director Roy Andersson whose output is of limited frequency, here brings us a film of fifty vignettes of roughly 90 seconds each, which are a dark and sometimes humorous narration on our modern times.

Dir: Roy Andersson, Sweden, 95mins, 2007

Preceded by our AGM starting at 19:30