January 2012 Newsletter


ABCD members’ briefing on films in the Abingdon Arts Festival

We are staging three events in this year’s festival and all are open to the general public. The festival brochure is planned to be delivered to all homes in Abingdon and several of the surrounding villages between Jan 30th and mid-February. Tickets to the general public will be available from the end of January and to members at our regular screenings from Jan 19th (we hope). The festival brochure should also be online in early February (www.abingdonartsfestival.org.uk). We also expect to have printed copies available at screenings soon after they have been printed.

Thu Mar 15th I WAS BORN, BUT This is our annual silent film and if you are an ABCD member you are entitled to see it at no no extra cost.

  • This screening is at Saint Nicolas’ Church (Abingdon Market Place), starting at 7.30 pm.
  • Members’ guests, as always, will be very welcome; their tickets will cost at £5, provided they are reserved in advance.
  • Admission to non-members and members’ guests without a reservation will be £6 (£5 for the usual concessions).

Please indicate if you are likely to come to this screening, using the sign-up sheet that will be available from this Thursday or by emailing info@abfilms.org.uk. You can also use it to reserve guest tickets. It doesn’t matter if you or your guests don’t in fact turn up – we trust you not to put your name down flippantly, and perhaps to let us know if you change your plans.


(USA 1943, 78 mins), is a classic musical featuring the legendary performers, Lena Horne, Fats Waller, Cab Calloway, Slam Stewart, Benny Carter and tap dancer Bill “Bojangles” Robinson. “The movie was a splendid showcase for African-American talent”. (www.jazzstandards.com ).

GEORGE HASLAM, saxophones, STEVE KERSHAW, bass, and JEZ COOK, guitar, provide the live music before and after the film. Guardian writer John Fordham described George as “a fine baritone saxophonist with a distinct signature” and “an entire jazz scene on his own”.

  • This event is NOT in the annual programme; everybody has to pay, but ABCD members pay the concessionary price of £7, provided they reserve in advance (full price £8). Sign-up sheets as above.
  • The show starts at 7.30pm, ending at 10.30pm and takes place in the King Charles Room, upstairs at The King’s Head and Bell, in East Saint Helen’s Street.
  • We expect this event to be well supported, so it is important that ticket holders arrive in good time, so that we know we can sell tickets for empty seats. The venue is not large and the event is tightly budgeted

This is the feature length documentary based on the footage shot by the South Pole expedition’s official photographer (appointed and much admired by Scott), H. G. Ponting. Recently restored by the BFI National Archive, it is “silent” with a new soundtrack by Simon Fisher Turner. (see also “Additional Events” in the annual brochure).

  • This screening, which will begin at 7.45pm and be shown in the College Lecture Theatre, is also NOT in the annual programme. ABCD members need only pay the concessionary rate of £5 (also applies to members’ guests), provided they reserve in advance (full price £6). Sign-up sheets will be available.

The next newsletter will appear in early February.

Happy New Year!