20th July 2012 newsletter

We have received a request from a student at the National Film & Television School to use a local flat/apartment as the location for her graduation film. Details are in her email, below. Please contact Suzie directly if you are interested in helping this young film maker. (Some of her work can be viewed on the Internet.)

From: Suzie Frize-Williams
To: info@abfilms.org.uk
Sent: Thursday, July 19, 2012 10:40 AM

Subject: Filming enquiry

Hi there,

I am a student at the National Film & Television School (www.nfts.co.uk) and I’m currently in pre-production for my graduation film, ‘Z.1’. We are looking for a residential location in which to film for 7 days and I wondered if any ‘Abingdon College & District’ Film Society members might be interested in helping us. We have chosen to film in Oxford as we’re not too far away, being based in Beaconsfield. We are avoiding London due to the fact our shoot will take place during the Olympics (logistical nightmare!).

The location we’re searching for is a spacious flat with a corridor linking various rooms including at least 2 bedrooms. I will send some images of the kind of place we’re hoping to find but didn’t want to attach them to my initial email incase it went into your junk mail folder. We have found these kind of apartments in and around Beaconsfield but unfortunately they are just to small to film in.

The films at NFTS have had BAFTA nominations and a Student Oscar win in recent years. The director of my film, Gabriel Gauchet, was nominated for a BAFTA this year for a film he co-wrote, and his first year film with NFTS is about to be screened at Locarno Film Festival, Switzerland, which qualifies it to be put forward for consideration for a BAFTA nom. also. We are hoping that ‘Z.1’ will achieve similar success!

If you could circulate this email among your members I would be very grateful. Please do include my number (in my signature) as I will happily answer any queries people might have. Our shoot dates are 14th – 20th August and we will of course pay for the use of the location – we can offer £100 a day.

Many thanks,


Suzie Frize-Williams
Production Manager, ‘Z.1’

National Film & Television School


Please note that any arrangements made will be between the parties concerned and ABCDFS has no liability in this respect.