26th November 2012 newsletter

1 Between now and the end of 2012

Special events on Dec 6th and Dec 13

On December 6th we welcome Prof. Ian Christie of Birkbeck College, to introduce A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH. Ian is one of the best known film academics in the world and the author of Arrows of Desire – The Films of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger. He has twice before visited ABCD to talk about their films. The event will start at 7.30 pm.

December 13th – social and MEET ME IN SAINT LOUIS

from 7.10: pre-film drink and nibbles (see below) in a nearby College room.
7.45: film
9.35 – 10.15: drinks and nibbles

  • bring your own wine (for legal reasons we do not supply any alcohol)
  • we will provide food and soft drinks, but if you would like to bring something that would be great. However, do tell us what you are bringing, so that we can amend our shopping list on the day.

2 Arrangements 2013


We hope hope that you will want to rejoin for the second half of the 2012 – 2013 season. The membership fee will be the same as for the first half – see the existing red and white brochure for the details.

To rejoin: complete the form in the supplementary brochure (see below) and hand it or post it to us with your money!

The films and the bonus!

In the existing brochure we listed the films we hoped to book for the New Year and we are delighted to report we have indeed been able to do so. All ten of them will be shown in the order in which they are listed in the brochure. You will of course want to see the new supplementary brochure that we hope to issue on Nov 29th. This will list the films with their dates and include details of how to find our new venue. In due course our website will be updated: go to www.abfilms.org.uk.

And the bonus? an additional, free screening on January 10th of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho . There is going to be a publicity campaign to attract new members, mainly in the first ten days of January. We want plenty of existing members to be present, too, in order to give a realistic impression of the flavour of an ABCD screening.

  • please reserve for this extra film as soon as you can – sign up at a screening or email info@abfilms.org.uk and please be clear about the number of seats you need; and
  • tell us if you then discover that you cannot attend.

That’s it for the second newsletter this month. We think the next one will appear in late December. In the meantime email us any questions you have. We will answer them as best we can and they may prompt us to put in important points in the newsletter that we hadn’t thought of.

With best wishes from the ABCD committee