22nd September 2013 newsletter

In less than two weeks time, on 3rd October, our new season gets under way with UNTOUCHABLE (Les Intouchables), the 2011 French comedy drama. You should by now have received ABCD’s new brochure and we hope that it will have inspired you to join up again. If you not have not received your copy, please ‘phone Barry on 01235 521976 or email him via info@abfilms.org.uk. You may like to know that five films in the programme are the result of members’ suggestions, viz Stand by Me, Five Broken Cameras, Undertow, Three Colours White and Defence Counsel Sedov. As with all the titles we consider, these five have survived our lengthy selection process so, if you recognise any of them as ‘yours’, your ideas and participation in our shared interest in film are duly appreciated. At the beginning of next year we will, as ever, be asking you for more of your ideas for the 2014/2015 programme.

Bring Guests!

We would like to encourage you to bring guests to films. This is obviously good for our coffers, but also makes us known to a wider range of people. The cost of a guest ticket, which is not given in the brochure, is £5 – less than for a one week membership. If a guest decides to join for the rest of the half or the full season, the guest ticket counts towards the membership fee.

Gift-aiding your subscription

Members now have the option of “gift-aiding” their membership fee. We certainly don’t want anyone to feel under pressure to do so, but if you would like to, please ask for a form when you come to a film, if you didn’t receive one with your brochure. Your payment would be worth 25% extra to our finances. (Which comes not from you, but from HMRC).

Tea and coffee, anyone?

It’s been suggested that some might like a hot drink before or after a film. There’s a kettle and crockery in the servery and we generally have tea, coffee and sugar available. We will also bring some fresh milk to the first two or three films. BUT: please remember to wash up afterwards. If this results in more discussion of the films we show, so much the better.

We try to keep this newsletter reasonably concise and not to use it to tell you things you probably know. However, we think it’s useful to remind members of easily forgotten things such as early starts, venue changes (eg the annual silent), and of anything that didn’t make it into the annual brochure. Please let us know if there’s anything else you would like to see in the newsletter.

To get the newsletter it’s obviously important that we have your email address – so please let us know if it changes. Please also tell us if we have misspelled your name or address. (via info@abfilms.org.uk)

Each newsletter is archived on the website, which has just been updated for the new season: http://www.abfilms.org.uk/

Our next newsletter is planned for early October.