7th January 2014 newsletter

ABCD Members’ Newsletter 7th January 2014

Latest news and reminders

Greetings for 2014!

The first film of the new year, the Tavianis’ CESARE DEVE MORIRE (Caesar Must Die), is on Thursday 9th and then there are ten further screenings (up to and including 5 BROKEN CAMERAS on March 27), which are all covered by your whole year membership or by your “second half” membership.

There are then two extra events, on April 3 and April 10, which are not included in your subscription. The first is our annual joint event with the Abingdon and District Twin Towns Society – a French spoof spy comedy by the team that made The Artist; and the second is FANTASTIC MR FOX, introduced by Hollywood Art Director, Hannah Moseley.

Further details of these screenings, which are mentioned in the annual brochure, will follow in March.

Future Short Films

We mentioned in the December newsletter that we will screen MOMMA DON’T ALLOW on January 9. We have now decided to show DO PIVNICE (Down to the Cellar) on January 30th, to accompany the feature film, BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO. It was made by the renowned Czech animator, Jan Svankmajer, in 1983 and runs for 15 minutes. The story is of a little girl sent to the cellar to fetch potatoes, but who encounters a series of obstacles whilst on the errand. We believe this film, noted for its audio design, will go well with the evening’s feature film.

The next members’ newsletter is planned for the end of the month.