23rd September 2014 newsletter

ABCD Members’ Newsletter 23rd September 2014

Latest news and reminders

It’s just over a week until our new season begins and, as you would doubtless expect, your committee is looking forward to seeing you again. You should have received your copy of the new brochure a week or two back. If not, please be in touch with us. All the information in it is on the website, which is bang up to date.

Cinema for All best programme of films award

We think the new programme is as good as ever. It was assembled in the same way as last season’s; and we have recently heard that we are shortlisted for a “best programme of films” award on the strength of both this year’s and last year’s films from Cinema for All, the national film society federation (formerly The British Federation of Film Societies). The award is made to film societies “that deliver an excellent selection of films to their community, treating audiences to a broad programme of films selected with intelligence, freshness and originality”. The result will be announced on September 27. We’re puffing our chests and hoping.

Help us acquire new members

The timing of the award, as we start our new season, couldn’t be better for us, as long as we get some favourable publicity out of it. Favourable publicity comes free from but limited sources. We either get it from local news publications or, wait for it, from you. So as ever we ask you to bring guests, some of whom will become members, and to tell your friends, neighbours and colleagues about ABCD. Ask us for brochures and posters and we will get them to you.

Three specific things you can draw to people’s attention

First of all we have introduced Household Membership, a new category. This entitles a person from a specified household to attend every film, but it need not be the same person every time. (We would need to know the names in advance). If more than one person from the household wants to come, then a guest ticket will be available. We have in mind couples with child caring responsibilities and people who travel a lot for their work.

Secondly, we accept that people might want to try us out out before committing to full or half season membership. Please tell them that having seen a film as a one week member or guest, the sum paid will go towards the cost of the longer term subscription (starting with the film they have seen).

Thirdly, we have produced an A4 colour poster, which we will send you as an attachment on request. (Its size is 3.4MB).

Short films this season

Apart from the BAFTA shorts being shown on Nov 6th, there was only space in the brochure for the titles of the four others we are showing this season. Three of the four are highly thought of films from British Transport Films – you may well have heard of John Schlesinger’s Terminus. The fourth is an absolute classic from 1902, A TRIP TO THE MOON, by Georges Méliès. (If you saw Scorsese’s HUGO, you will know of it). Not from British Transport Films, but certainly about transport.

So with best wishes from your committee for a year of films you find stimulating, intelligent and entertaining – all at once, of course.

Our next newsletter is planned for mid October.

NB The newsletter is sent to all members who sign up for it on the website, www.abfilms.org.uk . We do print a few copies for people to pick up at screenings, but to be sure of getting one you should “sign up” to the mailing list. (Select “Mailing List” from the menu on our website). Or you can view and download it from the website. If you don’t use a computer, let us know if you would like a copy sent through the post.