6th November 2014 newsletter

BAFTA Shorts Programme on November 6th
We mentioned in the last newsletter that we are going to have a short break at approximately the mid-point of the evening. We have now also decided to put out the chairs “cabaret style”, which means that you can have a drink, if you wish. You have to bring your own beer or wine, but we will provide tea and coffee in the servery. Donations to cover the costs requested. No need to bring your own glassware.

NB The programme is scheduled to begin at 7.30pm.

The “coming soon” soundtrack
You may have noticed that we have been testing alternative pieces of music to accompany the “Coming Soon” short video shown before each screening. We did this as we felt members were getting bored with “Fooling Around” after several years. However, at the screening of “The Servant” on 16 October there were four different pieces of music on the soundtrack and there appeared to be a positive reaction to “Fooling Around”.

What do you think? We will use all the themes between now and the end of 2014 – please use your reaction slip to comment, writing either: LIKE or DISLIKE. We will read non-responses as highly respectable indifference.

The next newsletter is planned for Nov 18th.