6th January 2015 newsletter

A Happy New Year …

… to all our members. This very short newsletter is to remind you that the second half of our 2014-5 season resumes this week (on January 8th) with our first ever Greta Garbo film. If you have never seen her – and many people have not – this is your opportunity.

A Disambiguation

You probably don’t need this reminder, but if it’s a while since you looked at the annual programme, you should know that CHOCOLAT, showing on January 22nd, is a French film made in 1988, and not the 2000 US adaptation of the Joanne Harris novel. Our screening, which will be introduced and discussed by Ann Miller, is of a film based on the director’s script and is Dench and Binoche-free.

Do bring guests, of course, but do also tell them that this is not the better known film, just the better one.