3rd March 2015 newsletter

In this newsletter:

1 Annual silent special event (March 5th) – reminder

2 Would you like a different start time for our screenings?

1 Annual silent: SPARROWS


7.30pm start time

the venue is Saint Nicolas’ Church, Abingdon Market Place

The film, which was revived a couple of years ago at the National Film Theatre to great acclaim, will be accompanied on piano by Andrew Youdell, providing us with our 29th successive annual silent since 1985.

The star and producer was Mary Pickford, famous also for founding United Artists in collaboration with Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks and D W Griffiths.

We hope to see lots of members and guests at this annual event.

2 Would you like a different start time for our screenings?

We raised this question in the last newsletter and now we would like to start the process of finding out what you think.

At present our film evenings usually begin at 7.45pm. Very occasionally they start slightly earlier, in order to avoid a very late finish or to enable a visiting speaker to catch a train and get home at a reasonable hour.

Most of our shows end at about 10pm. The programme selection group has become reluctant to choose more than a very few films each year which would have us gathering up chairs later than, say, 10.15pm. However, there is no great straining at the leash to book a greater quantity of
longer films just for the sake of length – less is often more, we believe. But a routine start time of 7.30pm would allow the programming group a wider choice.

We have definitely not decided to change our start time – we are genuinely neutral. We would certainly not want to lose any existing members, if that were to be the consequence of a change.

So we feel we need to know how you feel about the possible changes:

1 Would you prefer our usual start time to be 7.30pm? If yes, please say whether it would be very beneficial you or only slightly so.

2 Would a change to an earlier start time be bad for you? If yes, how bad?

How to give us your answers to these questions:

Either in an email to info@abfilms.org.uk ; or by writing them on the back of a reaction slip at a screening.

Please do it straight away, but in any case by March 19th.