3rd December 2015 newsletter

1 Christmas Special on Dec 17th

2 Hints for attracting guests to forthcoming films

1 Christmas Special on Dec 17th

It’s our custom of many years that we screen a light film for our final show in December. This year we are screening WHAT’S UP,DOC?, Peter Bogdanovich’s 1972 screwball pastiche starring Barbra Streisand, Ryan O’Neal and Madeline Kahn.

We showed this very funny comedy on 30th September 1976 and we think this is a good enough reason for a bit of extra celebration. We also hope that our first chairman, George Mathews, will be present.

As usual, we will provide bread and cheese etc and soft drinks, but as we don’t have a licence to supply alcoholic drinks, we invite you to bring your own (we will provide glasses). In addition, you might like to bring food items for others to share, BUT please tell us by Dec 14th if you plan to do so, so that we can adjust our shopping list. You might like to know that there will be a celebratory cake made by one of our members who is a professional cake maker. As usual, you will be asked to contribute (according to your own judgement) to help us cover the extra costs.

These are the timings:

7.00 pm doors open

7.15 pm milling around, eating and drinking begin

7.30 pm words marking our 40 years

7.31 pm (v. approx) milling around etc resumes

8.00 pm screening of WHAT’S UP, DOC?

9.35 pm screening ends; hot drinks available; washing up & tidying up commence (help would be greatly appreciated)

2 Hints for attracting guests to forthcoming screenings

As we mention from time to time, we like to have guests and one-week members at our screenings. Some of these visitors become full and half-year members and all of them make a contribution to our funds. So we thought we might suggest a few things you could say to your friends and acquaintances to encourage them to come along.

This week’s film, BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB, features Ry Cooder, the American musician with an interest in “roots music”, also known as “world music”, rediscovering the band of first class musicians named in the film’s title. If Cooder and his musical genres have not attracted your attention, be assured that he has many admirers (of all ages). The film has built up quite a strong following over the last 16 years – it might be naive of us, but we think a lot of people have heard of it and some might be pleased to know that it is on.

Then, on Dec 10th, we are showing THE GOLDEN DREAM. What might interest you and others is that the director, Diego Quemada-Diez, has worked with Ken Loach, whom he quotes as saying that THE GOLDEN DREAM “was a terrific, a beautiful film” (http://twitchfilm.com/2013/10/morelia-2013-interview-diego-quemada-diez.html). Most of the young characters in the film are very engaging and one can see how it would appeal to Loach. It might also interest those who have strong feelings about migration from poor to better off countries.

Of course, you may have different approaches to promoting ABCD from these – whatever works (do tell us)! In any case do let us know if these hints are any use to you in promoting what we do.

Our next newsletter will probably appear a few days before our first screening of 2016, OFFSIDE (on Jan 7th).