5th May 2016 newsletter

May 12: Annual members’ meeting

We’re now at the point where we’ve developed our thinking sufficiently to give you a pretty good idea of our plans for next season, while giving you the opportunity to influence our final decisions.

We can tell you that the special events programme is looking good. For the first time, we shall have a film, and an acclaimed one at that, introduced and discussed by its producer. There will be another silent comedy accompanied on piano by Andrew Youdell. Ann Miller has agreed to introduce another French language film; and the annual joint event with Abingdon Twinners (ADTTS) has again been agreed – we shall screen a recent French comedy (actually, it’s sort of Anglo-French – now there’s a clue). And we hope one or two more, as well. If you want more detail, come along on May 12.

We’ll get going at 7.30, getting in the mood with a short film and hot beverages etc. If you bring wine, we’ll provide the glasses.

It’s just possible that a member of Abingdon Town Council will be present at the meeting. It’s not wholly clear what the film presentation facilities at the Guildhall in a couple of years’ time will be, but we have made contact with the relevant T.C. member and have agreed to talk. It’s very early days yet, so there’s nothing further to report at this stage. However, we think that if the town councillor leading the project can get a sense of what we do, what we are like, who we are, that can only be a good thing. So the more members who join us on May 12th, the better.

Finally, you might like to note the date of the first film next season: 6th October.