Newsletter 24 September 2016


  1. New season begins on Oct 6th
    The programme is now out. If you have not received your copy, please email us, ( and we will get one to you as soon as we can. Obviously we hope you like the look of what we have planned for the year and that you decide to join us again. Remember that we like members to bring guests, because some of these will join and they will spread the word. (And do email us for extra copies of the programme to distribute). We can be quite busy at the desk on the first night of the season, so do send your subscription in advance, if that’s not too inconvenient.
  2. Special event on Oct 13th: DISTANT VOICES, STILL LIVES
    We rarely show a film more than once, but DISTANT VOICES, STILL LIVES is one of the exceptions. We’re repeating it partly because it’s widely regarded one of the great UK films, but also because its producer, Jennifer Howarth, will be introducing it in person. Incidentally, she also produced ON THE BLACK HILL, one of ABCD’s most popular screenings.
  3. FIRE AT SEA (Fuocoammare) on Oct 20th
    We think this very moving documentary, concerned with recording the humanitarian disaster of refugees crossing the sea, will interest many non-members as well as regular attenders. Set on the small Italian island of Lampedusa, it’s a film of two interwoven strands. Firstly the arrival of refugees by boat from the North African coast and their stories; and secondly the life of a local youngster and his family. The single link between the two is that the local doctor attends to both, but it’s left to us to reflect on how to bring together the two broad elements of the film. Superbly filmed and edited. A movie to change hearts?
  4. New webmaster for ABCD
    Chris Holt has been looking after our excellent website for quite a few years. He in fact left Abingdon two or three years ago and in practice has not been able to enjoy the benefits of ABCD membership, so his generosity in giving us so much time has increased rather than diminished. The time has clearly come for a change and we are delighted to report that Steve Fisher has agreed to take over the role, in conjunction with Jeff Karoly, our treasurer. We plan to express our gratitude to Chris in person on a Thursday evening soon.

We look forward to seeing you soon, and often.

PS Would you be willing to help us with publicity by occasionally (when it suits) forwarding email posters for our events to selected contacts? If so, let us know (at

PPS The next newsletter will be published in the second half of October.