ABCD Film Society Newsletter 24 October 2016

  1. Power in our Hands, Thursday 27 Oct – reminder
    We’re showing this rare documentary about the Deaf community in Britain as our annual charity event. It’s about a group of people empowering themselves; and was produced by the British Deaf Association, a century-old organisation founded by Deaf people for Deaf people. Why do we see so few people in public using sign language?
    This is the only event in the annual programme brochure which is not included in seasonal and half-seasonal subscriptions. We are only charging £4 admission (to cover our basic costs) and hope that you agree this is a small amount and that the work of the BDA is worth supporting. If you do, you will have the opportunity to put some money in a collection tin.
  2. AGM on Nov 10
    This takes place from 7.30pm and will be followed, at about 8pm, by our screening of THE BAND’S VISIT. We will send out another newsletter containing the papers for this meeting in a week or two. A limited number of paper copies will also be available on the night.
    The AGM is really important for a number of reasons. One is that it prompts us to prompt you to consider doing things to help the film society run and develop. At the moment each of the committee members does quite a lot of work – probably more than should be expected of them. Please talk to one of them about things you could do to help, whether as a committee member or not. Sooner or later, without new people, this film society simply won’t exist.
  3. Comments after three screenings
    Our first three films have certainly stimulated members. They were praised by some with several “A”s but also rated average or worse by others. But no single film stood out as bad to large numbers. Obviously the selection group cannot please all the people all the time and we like to include some films which we expect to be controversial – what we surely don’t want is a lot of films getting the C grade, which would probably indicate that our programming was truly bland.. The selection group has always consisted of few committee members who choose the films. The process takes several iterations of whittling down an original list of over 100 films, which come both from members generally (using the reaction slip at any time) and from committee members. If you would like to join the selection group, you would be very welcome.

Next newsletter (the AGM package): early November