Newsletter – 15 May 2017

Members’ meeting this Thursday (May 18)

This is the annual event you’re invited to hear our ideas for next season and to tell us what you think of them. We have made quite a lot of progress, though there are at least a couple of decisions yet to be made.

One of our best received screenings this year was when Ian Christie came and spoke about the work of R W Paul and showed some of his films. Many regretted there wasn’t time for more of them, so we plan to show a few more on Thursday – they are of course very short.

Tea and coffee will be available, of course, as will wine glasses for anyone who would like to make use of them – we don’t have a drinks licence, but do bring your own, if you wish.

Meeting starts at 19:45 at the Health and Wellbeing Centre.

Public screening of The Divide on June 29

The Divide is a 78 minute documentary based on the well known 2009 book, The Spirit Level : Why More Equal Societies Almost Always Do Better, by Richard G. Wilkinson and Kate Pickett. The film is presented by Abingdon Quakers, with assistance from ABCD. Admission is free, but a donation of £5 towards costs is requested. ABCD members and friends are of course welcome.

The film will be introduced and discussed by Martin Wilkinson, who is the brother of the book’s co-author. The film features, amongst others, Noam Chomsky and Max Hastings and you can read reviews in the May 2016 edition of Sight & Sound and on . The film’s official website is:

dir. Katherine Round; UK/US, 2015; 78 minutes; Certificate 12A
showing at 19:30 at the Health and Wellbeing Centre.

To contact Abingdon Quakers about this screening:

Moonlight reactions – a teaser

Here are just a few of the comments harvested from reaction slips at our screening of this year’s principal Oscar winner:

  • ‘Best film this season – thank you’
  • ‘Great end-of-season film – thank you. Incredible cinematography, beautiful lighting and a great score. All of this with acting such as you rarely see in an American film. Astonishingly good.’
  • ‘Subtitles needed. I would have voted with PwC (re Best Picture). Not my type of film – one for the critics’
  • ‘Please, a minimum of American films next season. I always need subtitles and their vocabulary is usually so impoverished.’

But please do go to the website to see the actual scores and all the comments – we suspect that many members don’t realise how good and extensive the website is. When you are telling your friends that they really should join ABCD, why not suggest they visit us on the net?

The next newsletter will appear at the latest in late August or early September, to coincide with the new programme brochure’s publication. Have a good summer (eventually).