Newsletter – 5 December 2017

Special events on Dec 7th and 14th

First, a reminder that Alex Jacoby will be with us on Thursday this week to introduce Yasujiro Ozu’s 1949 Late Spring. The introduction will be about 15 minutes in length and the discussion afterwards is not likely to be of great length. Alex, who teaches Japanese at Oxford Brookes and is one of the UK’s best established experts on Japanese cinema, has visited us several times and will surely give us a lot of context for this film. Programme starts at the usual time of  19.45

Secondly, a little bit about our Christmas event. Our feature is the very well received Pixar animation, Inside Out, which will start at about 20:00. This is because, as usual with the last screening before Christmas, we will be having refreshments. Last year Anita Rendel volunteered to buy the cheeses and they were very well liked by just about everyone who tried them. We are delighted that she is doing this again this year. She has ordered a selection of Lyburn Farm cheeses from the New Forest. ( as well as some other more local ones. She will also be bringing some of her excellent home-baked bread.

We will provide the food and soft drinks, but as we don’t have a licence to supply alcoholic drinks, we invite you to bring your own – no need to bring wine glasses, by the way. By all means bring food items for others to share, but please tell us by Dec 11th if you plan to do so, so that we can adjust our shopping list. As usual, we will ask you on the night to make a contribution – whatever you think appropriate – to help us cover cost of the food we provide. In this way we usually just about break even.

These are the timings:

  • 19:00 doors open
  • 19:10 milling around, eating and drinking begin
  • 20:00 (approx, but not before) screening of Inside Out
  • 21:35 (approx) screening ends; hot drinks available; washing up & tidying up commence (a little help greatly appreciated)

Collection in aid of Oxford & District Action On Child Poverty on Nov 2nd

The collection was conducted by Abingdon Quakers, who jointly presented the film (I, Daniel Blake) with us and brought in a good number of people previously unknown to us. The Quakers’ treasurer, Anita Wickens, has recently informed us that £155 was raised and has been sent to the group.

Our next newsletter will probably go out between Christmas and the New Year.

Enjoy the season!