Newsletter – 14 March 2018

New date for Closely Observed Trains

As you know we had to cancel our March 1st screening of Closely Observed Trains, because of the weather conditions on that date. We will now be showing it on March 29th at the usual time and place and hope that you can make the re-arranged showing. We’re very sorry if you cannot.

Everything else in the late February newsletter stands and we look forward to seeing you at the three remaining events.

One other thing to report: Following the February 22nd screening of The View from our House – a special event with the film-makers present, we had a couple of email exchanges with Anthea Kennedy and Ian Wiblin. Here are some of their words:

We both want to thank you for what was a really wonderful evening for us. It was amazing for us to have such an interested and responsive audience, so thank you so much for inviting us [….] Thank you so much for sending audience responses. They are really interesting for us to read, and, as you say, surprisingly good, given the form of the film. Looking through the scores of previous films, I’m really not sure that we should have scored higher than Bresson’s Pickpocket but we do thank the Abingdon audience for being so patient and attentive.

Martin will, as usual, read out the audience reactions on Thursday and they will appear on the website too.

Next newsletter is planned for early May.