Newsletter – 17 October 2018

Ska’d by the Music on October 25

The first special event of the season is almost upon us. It’s special because the director, Sharon Woodward, will be present and will talk informally to us; and secondly because it’s not at our usual venue, but taking place In the King Charles Room on the first floor of the King’s Head and Bell in East St Helens Street, Abingdon.

The event is not covered by the annual or half-seasonal membership fee. However all the other events in the programme brochure are covered by it – one more than in the previous seasons.

Admission is £7.50 (£3.50 full-time students). The sign-up sheet acquired some names at the October 11th screening. If you would like to reserve for this screening, you can either do so on October 18th or send us an email. In either case, pay on the night. We won’t send the bailiffs to visit if you are a ‘no show’ – we know there will be a few, but we trust you to have the firm
intention of coming if you reserve. Please let us know if you find you cannot come. And if you have not reserved but want to come – and would like check if there will be space – then call  0777 320 1174 on the Thursday afternoon.

Bring guests

We try to avoid this exhortation too often, but as always we could do with a few more members and attenders. Bringing guests is one way in which this can happen. It’s not just a question of finance.  Just as importantly it’s to do with increasing our vitality, being better known in the town and having a better vibe at screenings simply from their being more people at our films. Reminder: admission to a screening for school and college students is nearly always just £3.00.

Also if you have friends who you think might be interested in what we do, you could send them our website details and/or the link to this newsletter (, with a short personal covering message.

Other dates for your diary

Our next special event will be our screening of After the Storm on 8th November, which will be introduced and discussed by Alex Jacoby, one of Britain’s leading experts on Japanese cinema. He has visited us
many times in recent years and has always been well appreciated for his helpful and concise information about the film and the director.

The Annual General Meeting will be on 22nd November, from 19:30 and followed by The Other Side of Hope at 20:00 or very soon after.

Our next newsletter is planned for early to mid-November.