Newsletter – 13 December 2018

This week (Dec 13): Being a film student

Just a reminder that this week we welcome Adam Simcox, an second-year undergraduate taking Film Studies at the University of Kent. We are confident he will talk about his course in a way that will be informative both to hardened old film lovers and to school and college students who are thinking about what they may like to study in due course. There will be a personal element to Adam’s presentation, as he will show us excerpts from two films that he finds particularly interesting.

Do bring guests. Admission to school and college students will be £3.

Next week (Dec 20): Our Christmas special: The Apartment

As usual we will having a cheese buffet immediately before the screening of this trenchant Billy Wilder comedy starring Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine. For timings see below.

As last year, Anita Rendel is arranging a very interesting selection of cheeses for us to enjoy. They were very well appreciated last year and we are sure that will be the case again. She will also be bringing some of her excellent home-baked bread.

We will also supply soft drinks and nibbles, but we don’t have a licence to supply alcoholic drinks, so we invite you to bring your own. No need to bring wine glasses, by the way. The tables will be set out cabaret style, so you can sip as you view the film.

By all means bring food items for others to share, but if possible tell us this week if you plan to do so, so that we can adjust our shopping list. As usual, we will ask you on the night to make a contribution – whatever you think reflects your consumption, because we aim to cover cost of the food we provide. We usually just about break even.

These are the timings:

  • 19:00 doors open
  • 19:10 milling around, eating and drinking begin
  • 20:00 (approx, but not before) screening of The Apartment.
  • 22:05 (approx) screening ends; hot drinks available; washing up & tidying up commence (a little help greatly appreciated).

The second half of our season gets under way on January 10th with Rome Express. Do try to bring along some guests and perhaps even point out to your friends and acquaintances that they can see the twelve films from January for just £39 single or £74 double (half-price for school and college students). They can see the first film as a one-week member, with their payment of £6 counting towards the full amount if they decide to join for the rest of the season.

We plan to send out the next newsletter early in January.

The ABCD committee wish you a peaceful and agreeable Christmas holiday.