Newsletter – 10 January 2019

A happy new year to all our our friends and members

We trust you have had an enjoyable break over the last three weeks and are now ready for the second half of the 2018/9 season. It starts this Thursday with the early British sound film Rome Express. Don’t let its age put you off – it’s very entertaining and well shot. If you saw Hitchcock’s The Lady Vanishes on BBC2 on Saturday afternoon, also largely set on a train, you’ll find it interesting to compare the two films. The following two January films are also from the ‘back catalogue’, but nothing like so old.

As always, we encourage you to bring a guest or two (or even more). We’ll tell you more about the five special events as their dates approach.

After the Storm

You may recall that Alex Jacoby, one of our most popular visiting film experts, introduced this film in November. Three days later he interviewed Hirokazu Kore-eda on the subject of the director’s most recent film, Shoplifters. The interview is on the Sight&Sound website ( It’s a good read, even if there’s a ‘spoiler alert’ warning. The new film won a major Cannes prize in 2018 and we do recommend it, though it has probably now completed its first release run in our locality.

We plan to send out our next newsletter early in February.