Newsletter – 4 May 2019

Members’ meeting – 9 May 2019 at 19:30

This get-together, now a firm fixture in our annual calendar, is for members to hear ABCD’s latest news in an an informal atmosphere. The main thing, as ever, is for the selection group to share with those attending its latest thoughts on next year’s programme of films – and for you to give your reactions. The process is by no means complete, so there’s definitely some space for members’ opinions to make a difference.

Two members of the committee recently spoke with the proprietors of the Abbey and Unicorn cinemas about ways in which we might work together. We must stress that this was only an opening discussion and there is nothing concrete to report, but nevertheless a brief account of a brief encounter – and a discussion of what you think about it – should be well worthwhile.

Another development to report: A final year film studies student at Brookes, Peter Coe, has as part of his course, been looking at ABCD and ways of improving our viability – you may have completed a questionnaire for him. He is currently busy writing up his findings and if we have have seen his final report by 9 May we will share it with you.

We also plan to show a short film or two and tea and coffee will be available. By all means bring a bottle of wine or beer with you – we will provide wine glasses.

Reactions for In the Fade (screened April 4)

These are on the website at the end of the information about the film.

Oxford International Film Festival

This runs from May 8 – 12. For details go to or @OXIFFOFFICIAL

A personal message from the newsletter editor

I have just checked my records and see that I’ve been writing ABCD newsletters since late 2010. This edition is my last. While I’ve always kept them fairly concise and impersonal and with only a small amount of telling you what you probably already knew, I thought that for my final edition I would allow my name to appear in lights.

In fact I am standing down from the committee after 45 years, not just from the writing the newsletter. The reasons are the usual boring personal ones, so I’m afraid I am not going to regale you with tales of operatically noisy fallouts in the committee – or even hint at them. Not that a committee that didn’t disagree on important things could be expected to come up with anything much worth having. In sum, I think we all have good reason to be proud of ‘keeping the show on the road’ over the years.

To run well ABCD needs energy, imagination and a bit of stamina not just from committee members, but also from a number of members who are not on the committee. We have had that over the years and it continues now. But we are low in numbers of committee members and, as is plain to see, of members; something needs to happen to revitalise us. Obviously I hope that Peter Coe’s report (see above) will help in that.

So, thank you for enabling Abingdon to have a film society where it’s been possible to see non ‘run of the mill’ products over the years and be sociable enough for people to meet and become friends. I look forward to seeing you on 9 May and again in the autumn.

Mike Bloom