Newsletter – 12 January 2021

New Season Online

For our first film of 2021 we’ve chosen The Children Act directed by Richard Eyre, with a screenplay adapted by Ian McEwan from his eponymous novel published in 2014. The film was released in 2017.

Maintaining past ABCD practice, we’ve produced a Programme Note for the film which is attached to this Newsletter, with November 26th at 7.30pm being set for a Zoom meeting to exchange your impressions of it. If you wish to partake in this event, please access the link in the Programme Note for the meeting particulars. (You will of course need to have the Zoom ‘app’ installed on your computer.)

For those who wish to send in reactions individually, please Email info@abfilms with your score (A → E) and comments. These reactions and comments will be published on the ABCD Website ( and/or included in the Zoom discussion relevant to the film. You will also find the scores and comments for last November’s film Happy End on the Website.

Reviewing The Children Act in 2018 for Sight & Sound, Tom Charity wrote “Directed with immaculate poise and discretion by Richard Eyre, who projects us into high society with such ease [we] think [we] belong there, The Children Act is a meticulously calibrated drama worthy of Claude Sautet and not just a distinguished example of the kind of ‘masterpiece theatre’ the British film industry reliably [produces] for awards consideration.”

A thought-provoking start to 2021.

The film is available to stream now on BBC iPlayer.

ABCD Online Prog Note The Children Act Jan 21