Newsletter – 11 September 2021

Online Season

For September’s film we’re promoting, at the suggestion of a member of our Committee, a most apposite and timely documentary from award-winning director Adam Curtis. Although released in 2015 (primarily as a TV documentary), its relevance to today’s reality of the failed ‘nation-building’ objectives in Afghanistan that many USA-related institutions have been tinkering with for two decades cannot be overstated. Curtis’ dense, existentialist approach may be disorientating at times but (it’s recommended) a second viewing of the film will reward you with much additional insight.

As before, we’ve produced a Programme Note for the film which is attached to this Newsletter, with September 23rd at 7.30pm being set for a Zoom meeting to exchange your impressions of it.

Note this change of date from the usual last Thursday of the month

If you wish to partake in this event, please access the link in the Programme Note for the meeting particulars. (You will of course need to have the Zoom ‘app’ installed on your computer.)

For those who wish to send in reactions individually, please Email with your score (A → E) and comments. These reactions and comments will be published on the ABCD Website ( and/or included in the Zoom discussion relevant to the film. You will also find the comments for August’s film The Deer Hunter on the Website.

In his paper (for From Falsity Everything Follows: Readings and Thoughts about Bitter Lake, Mehdi Zouaoui wrote “The West, as most of civilisation[s], is striving to depict the version of reality that it wants to spread over the world. A reality that is, to no surprise, adapted to fit the framework of [its] millennial objectives. In [his] project, Curtis aims to infantilise the reductionists’ outcomes [that] simplify the world’s problems […] by offering a novel paradigm of power-play dynamics.

The film is available to stream now on BBC iPlayer.

ABCD Online Prog Note Bitter Lake Sep 21