Newsletter – 16 November 2022

Environmental Activism

With the COP27 climate emergency summit in Egypt drawing to a close, this months’  film Woman at War [dir. Benedikt Erlingsson], although released four years ago, is happily an apposite screening. Touching on widely rehearsed themes of warnings of environmental catastrophe due to the globalisation of indifference to climate warming. Erlingsson wanted his film to be a clarion call, heard around the world. He said ‘This movie is meant to be [an] heroic tale set in our world of imminent threat. A serious fairy tale told with a smile. Our hero[ine] is protector of the untouched and wild. Alone […], she assumes the role of saving mother earth and its future generations.

The screening will be charged at our usual rate of £7.00, which includes £1.00 membership fee.

Booking details can be found on Abbey Cinema’s Website The link takes you to their Home Page, down which you will have to scroll to access the stock image for Woman at War.  Selecting that will take you to a 7.30pm GUILDHALL option, from which you can then make your booking. More information about the booking process and our current programme schedule can be found by searching under ‘About Us’ on the ABCD Website

For this screening, our Membership Secretary will be on hand to assist anyone who wants to see the film but has not been able to book online.

Continuing our established and popular -with- members practice, a programme Note for the film has been produced and accompanies the Newsletter. Instituted from the foundation of the Society in 1975, Programme Notes encapsulate a descriptive context to film you are about to see, plus technical credit details and ‘trailers’ for forthcoming films.

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