A Brief History of Princess X

5/01/2017 19:45.
Cert 15

Portugal/France 2016, 7 Minutes

Programme Notes

The third of four films from the ICO Artists’ Cinema 2016 series, this short is described as “a supercharged history of sculptor Constantin Brancusi’s infamous Princess X, a futuristic bronze phallus that is actually a bust portrait of Napoleon’s equally infamous great grand niece, Marie Bonaparte”. For further information, see http://www.independentcinemaoffice.org.uk/films/artistscinema2016


  • A wee gem!
  • Fascinating
  • At last a short that got somewhere!
  • Raised topics which should be more commonly explored
  • Good story, well told
  • A great bit of art history that fell into the ‘Was that real?’ category
  • I now know lots about this artwork – which I won’t forget!
  • Nice, succinct modern art tutorial
  • I liked that sculpture!
  • Well carved – it rather looked like a telephone
  • Could have been informative if the commentary had been more decipherable
  • Are you sure this shouldn’t have been ‘X’ rated?
  • Yes, it was a bit


A:10, B:18, C:5, D:2, E:4 to give 68% from 75% of those present.