A is for Autism

17/10/2002 01:00.

A beautiful and haunting film based on sketches or animated sequences by people with various kinds of autism: some people do not see the world like you do. Directed by Tim Webb.
UK 1992, 11 minutes


“Excellent animation.”

“A very clever film on a difficult subject.”

“A novel insight into autism.”

“Fantastic animatiom and imagery, although I prefer to have little or no voice-over and (allow the animation) to speak for itself.”

“A good impression of the confused world of autism.”

“A real insight into something of which I was ignorant.”

“Really enlightening and amazing. Very interesting to see how autism can manifest itself. Slightly annoying sound but great animation and information.”

“Animation didn’t make it easy to STUDY the pictures and we would have liked more information, eg the age of the children. Many of the drawings were exactly like those by young, non-autistic, artists. FUZZY sound track!”

“Rather poor sound reproduction. Even a film about autism not itself be (so) unstructured and disorganised: I know no more, now, about autism. Why animate their drawings? – a ‘clever’ distraction to (my) understanding (of the subject)”


A:8, B:16, C:6, D:2, E:1 to give 71%