À propos de Nice

23/11/2017 19:45.
Cert U

Jean Vigo’s first film, a savage portrait of French society. Part documentary, part cinematic poem, with some spectacular sequences of the idle rich and Nice’s urban poor. France 1930, 19 minutes.

Dir: Jean Vigo, 25mins, France 1930


  • Vigorous, evocative celebration of the froth of an age nearing its end. Vulgar!
  • An excellent experiment, full of energy and interesting imagery
  • Very nice but a bit soporific – where was Mr Hulot? Camerawork was quite imaginative but the sound could have been louder
  • I much preferred Andrew Youdell’s piano accompaniment when we screened this seventeen years ago, to the day
  • Very good filming, without commentary
  • Fascinating filming
  • I liked the upward-pointing shots
  • Went on too long. Over-edited and muddled but interesting
  • Pretty much of a bore, I thought
  • Looked like it had been made by two fourteen year old schoolboys!


A:7, B:16, C:7, D:3, E:1 to give 68% from 83% of those present.