A short film about love (Krótki film o milosci)

16/11/2017 19:30.
Cert 15

With the customary hallmarks of Kieslowski’s visual imagery, A Short Film About Love takes us into the world of 19 year old postal clerk Tomek, who becomes fascinated to the point of obsession with an older female neighbour. He sets his telescope to spy on her apartment and Magda’s sexual adventures there. But it is the central loneliness of both characters which Kieslowski seeks to illustrate. “Well aware that Hitchcock and Michael Powell have been down these streets before him, Kieslowski turns in an absolutely masterly movie that yields equal parts of humour and wry emotional truth.” Tony Rayns, Time Out.

Dir: Krysztov Kieslowski 86mins Poland 1988


  • A powerful love story – I so wanted it to have a happy ending!
  • Intense, erotic – enjoyed it!
  • A strange, sad but very moving tale of sexual immaturity, longing and inadequacy and love’s ultimate triumph. All movingly told.
  • An excellent enigma dealing with many themes in the guise of a quirky Polish slice-of-life drama
  • Excellent and intriguing film
  • Slow at first but increasingly moving
  • A person who would not harm another – an unusual character
  • Enigmatic – I think I liked it
  • It started to grow on me – and then it stopped
  • I enjoyed the music
  • Very well filmed – good background music
  • Haunting music to accompany a thoughtful film – 19 is a dangerous age!
  • Well made but I did not find it believable
  • An accidentally topical Rear Window
  • A different sort of film
  • Sort out that bleeping noise! It was an unacceptable nuisance that shouldn’t be tolerated
  • Film a bit spoilt by an insistent high pitched electronic beeping


A:12, B:15, C:4, D:1, E:0 to give 80% from 82% of those present.