additional-event-2016-oscar-short-film-nominations-18th-february-2016ADDITIONAL EVENT – NOT INCLUDED IN YOUR SUBSCRIPTION
Preview all five 2016 Oscar Nominated Animated Short Films. Oscars Awards Ceremony is ten days later (Feb 28), so we can all shout hurrah! or boo hiss! as the actual awards are announced.

As this is an additional event in the current season and there will be an admission charge:

£4.00 for members who sign up in advance; otherwise £7. Visitors welcome. Advance reservation strongly recommended.

email us on: info@abfilms.org.uk.

Programme Notes

Oscar Nominated Shorts 2016
Welcome to this special event, in which are screening all five contenders for Best Animated Short Film at this year’s Oscars ceremony – 10 days before the event itself!

Bear Story (Historia De Un Oso)
Chile, 2014, 11mins, Cert tbc
An old bear brings a mechanical diorama to a street corner, which tells the story of a circus bear who wants to escape and return to his family. Director Gabriel Osorio Vargas has previously worked on the Chilean TV series Flipos, using 3D-computer animation techniques. This film has won numerous awards, including the Best International Short Audience Award at the 2015 Florida Film Festival.

Britain, 2015, 6mins, Cert tbc
Two Spartans and two Athenians battle to the death, whilst being watched by a little girl who seeks comfort from her grandma. Director Richard Williams is no stranger to Academy Awards, having previously scooped this accolade in 1973 for A Christmas Carol (1971), as well as Oscars for his work on Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988).

Sanjay’s Super Team
USA, 2014, 7mins, Cert PG
Young Sanjay has more interest in superheros than in attending prayers with his devout father. However, a leap of imagination encourages him to appreciate his religion anew, which pleases his dad. Director Sanjay Patel has a wealth of experience at Pixar Studios (eg, A Bug’s Life (1998)) and has worked as an animator on many of their features, including Monsters’ University (2013), Monsters Inc. (2001) and The Incredibles (2004). This film marks his directorial debut.

We Can’t Live Without Cosmos
Russia, 2014, 16mins, Cert tbc
Two friends have always dreamed of being cosmonauts. Consequently, they endure the rigorous training and sacrifices to achieve their goal. Written and directed by Konstantin Bronzit, who was nominated in 2009 in this category for his Lavatory Lovestory (2007).

World of Tomorrow
USA, 2015, 17mins, Cert tbc
Emily’s alter ego (of sorts) takes her into the distant future and reveals some unnerving secrets about the fate of humanity. Written and directed by cult animator Don Hertzfeldt, who was nominated in 2001 for his demented masterpiece Rejected (2000). With the many accolades World of Tomorrow has already acquired (including at last year’s Sundance and the prestigious Annecy International Animated Film Festival), the question remains – will Hertzfeldt pick up the gong for his first foray into 2D-digital animation?



“Winner hands down”

“Excellent – no wonder it has won so many prizes.”

“Original and quirky but conveyed emotion through mechanical animation.”

“Nice little vignette of finding salvation”

“Sweet – but where was Goldilocks and the porridge?”

“No Goldilocks and no porridge!”

“Too cutsie for me”


“Beautiful art – futility of war”

“Superb – not just the pictures but more powerful through the visual energy”

“A dark but very gripping fable”

“Wonderful, wonderful animation. Go Aardman!”

“Horrific but beautifully drawn”

“Great drawing but unimaginative story”

“Not quite as in my Sunningwell life drawing class!”

“Poor judges – having to sit through this.”


“Brilliant conflict of cultures, lovely resolution”

“A simple, semi-silent premise done well”

“An amusing tale of the triumph of good over evil”

“Excellent matching of images and music”

“Very touching ending”

“Not my kind of film”


“Brilliant, wonderful animation”

“Worked so well on all levels and very funny”

“Very entertaining with clever transitional techniques”

“Technically great but inscrutably Russian!”

“Oh dear – not one girl astronaut or scientist! Shame …”


“Extremely clever – made my head hurt!”

“A brilliant parable about existence and memory done with Hertzfeldt’s distinct aesthetics.”

“Script more important than animation but enjoyable”

“Personally, I would rather have Listen with Mother anytime!”

“I preferred Brave New World

“Simple but could have done with subtitles for Emily’s voice.”

“Too long and wordy but humour and design very good”