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We will be showing this award-winning documentary, filmed and directed by Harry Freeland, following two men with albinism over I 6 years as they confront the challenges of ostracism and abuse. Our screening will be in support of Standing Voice, a UK charity promoting the social inclusion of people with albinism in Tanzania. Further details in our Newsletter.

Programme Notes

In the Shadow of the Sun
Britain 2012 88mins Cert E

With introduction and post-screening Q&A by Jamie Walling, who campaigns on behalf of the charity Standing Voice UK

Tonight’s screening is a charity event in support of Standing Voice UK (registered charity 1151250), who support and campaign for people with albinism in Tanzania and elsewhere in Africa. Those who have the condition are particularly prone to skin cancer and are also liable to severe social discrimination for a variety of reasons. (The £3.00 admission charge is to cover ABCD’s immediate expenses in presenting the film, so your separate donation will go directly to Standing Voice.)

Harry Freeland, the film’s director has written “In 2006 I set out to make a film about the lives of those […] with albinism in Tanzania for the BBC. This film has taken me on a journey whereby this issue, and the lives of those people I have met along the way, have had a profound effect on me. These experiences resulted in me co-founding the UK/Tanzanian registered charity Standing Voice that promotes the social inclusion of people with albinism in Tanzania through groundbreaking Health, Education and Advocacy initiatives.” (

“Freeland captures the beauty of Tanzania and uses the landscape as a way of illustrating the isolation and loneliness suffered by those with albinism. He follows Torner (an albino activist) as he travels the country, showing the way in which people with the disorder have been ghettoised by their compatriots …”
Amber Wilkinson, Eye for Film

You can find out more about Standing Voice by accessing the URL

Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, President of Tanzania – Himself
Mussa – Himself
Mizengo Pinda, Prime Minister of Tanzania Himself
Josephat Torner – Himself
Sabella Torner – Herself
Vedastus Chinese Zangule – Himself

Director – Harry Freeland
Producer – Harry Freeland
Editor – Oliver Huddleston
Cinematography – Harry Freeland
Original Music – Samuel Sim


“Brilliant and thought provoking”

“A hard-hitting documentary tackling the issues of albinism in Tanzania. The film demonstrated much humanity for its subject, whilst the speakers from Standing Voice provided a great deal of important (and relevant) information about the subject.”

“Great that the Society chose to show this inspirational film. It was the courage of defenders of human rights like Josephat that got me into Amnesty International.”

“Moving and powerful. Very worthwhile to show this film.”

“Well worthwhile showing this film.”


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