LOOSE CANNONS (Mine Vaganti)


additional-event-loose-cannons-mine-vaganti-may-3rdOur annual screening in association with the Abingdon and District Town Twinning Society is:

(MINE VAGANTI) – May 3rd

Pasta making family firm whose sons have other ambitions. A family comedy and ‘coming out’ comedy.
Dir: Fernan Özpetek (Cert 12 A) 113 mins Italy 2010

This screening is additional to the main programme.

Programme Notes

Joint presentation with Abingdon and District Town Twinning Society
Loose Cannons (Mine vaganti)
Italy 2010 113 minutes Cert. 12A

Some would say this was a ‘coming out’ comedy. Two brothers, who don’t know of each other’s gayness, decide to tell their parents, which in turn may threaten the continuation of the family pasta factory. (Hence ‘a multi-stranded comedy’). It’s not an inaccurate description and, like much else in the film it provides excellent comedy. But it can also be characterised as a ‘family’ comedy, taking three generations of the Cantones and having great sport with them. This probably sounds like the Italian family stereotype and again, that’s not inaccurate, but at the end of the film one can ask oneself if the standard issue picture of la famiglia italiana has not been lightly challenged by the film.

Özpetek, an Italo-Turk, and has made several films, all of which are Italian productions, even if some are set in Turkey. Tonight’s film is the first Italian-set film that escapes from Rome, to Puglia, although there is a capital city versus province aspect Riccardo Scamarcio is an Italian actor best known for tonight’s film and for Romanzo Criminale (2005), in which he played a “monosyllabic, enigmatic thug character” (according to Wikipedia).

Pre-film glass of wine and nibbles from 7.15pm

Film at approximately 7.45pm

Cheese and wine at 9.40pm

Tommaso Cantone – Riccardo Scamarcio
Alba Brunetti – Nicole Grimaudo
Antonioni Cantone – Alessandro Preziosi
Vincenzo Cantone – Ennio Fantastichini
Stefania Cantone – Lunetta Savino
La Nonna – Ilaria Occhini

Director – Ferzan Özpetek
Screenplay – Ivan Cotroneo, Ferzan Özpetek
Cinematography – Maurizio Calvesi
Original Music – Pasquale Catalano
Editing – Patrizio Marone
Art Direction – Carlo Rescigno
Producer – Domenico Procacci


“Excellent – bravo!”



“So fantastic!”

“Bella! A good cast.”

“Excellent on so many levels. A good ending to a good year – thanks.”

“Terrific – those Italians certainly know how to live!”

“A modern celebration of the Italian sense of family”

“Good drama but not a comedy – some funny moments”

“Whilst it had its moments, this film was far too padded out for its own good. The characters were over-developed and there should have been a good 30mins cut from the run-time to make the film more of a joy to watch.”

“In his liveliness, cheerfulness and variety of expression, the younger brother [Tomasso] rivalled Ed Miliband! A one-track film, neither serious nor funny.”

“There’s nowt so queer as folk!”


A:21, B:18, C:3, D:0, E:0 to give 86%