Cert U

Focusing on everyday habitats and the minutiae of daily life,
this gentle film from Glasgow-based American artist/director Margaret Salmon touches upon universal human themes.
UK 2014, 4mins, Cert U

Programme Notes

The second of four short films in the 2016 Artists’ Cinema series bringing the work of leading visual artists, often playfully and subversively, to diverse cinema audiences. For further information, see


With its simplistic start and audio-visual exposition near the end, this was one of the better shorts this season

Wild birds indeed

The close-ups of the birds on the hand were excellent

Nice photography but weird

Very pretty but what was the point?

Must do better

Why do the shorts have to be so short – and poor? Is the aim to finish by 9.30pm? Couldn’t finishing nearer 10.00pm give us better value, now that there is no longer the customary interval between the short finishing and the feature starting? Well done on this [sic]

Nor a patch on Hitchcock’s version!


A:1, B:11, C:6, D:11, E:1 to give 50% from 88% of those present.