DAYS OF GLORY (Indigènes)


We present a film screened jointly with Abingdon and District Twin Towns Society:


“an old-fashioned second world war drama in the Spielbergian style – premiered at last year’s Cannes film festival – telling the almost forgotten story of the gallant sacrifice made by indigènes, or native forces, from the French north African colonies.”, Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian (Cert: 12A)
Dir: Rachid Bouchareb 119 mins France 2007


“Wonderful film and acting. Can’t think of anything to say that would not be trite and demeaning to the film!”

“Very interesting and powerful”

“Powerful, pointed and (with) fantastic performances”

“Very powerful film – excellent”

“Brilliant – so many issues as well as hostilities between countries. The personalities were very well realised.”

“Brilliant – captivating from the start. Slightly idealised portrayal of a group of soldiers but stunning overall.”

“Superb in every respect, especially (the) music and soundtrack. Compare and contrast :- the Ghurkhas [now]; Indian regiments in France in WW1; West Indian airmen in the RAF in WW2′, etc., etc.”

“Very topical, with our government similarly short-changing the Ghurkhas. I couldn’t believe the Italian attack: rather 1st World War tactics – almost Blackadder Goes Forth!”

“Totally gripping – even the soliloquies (were) not embarrassing. Usual small lapses in realism, eg howitzers that didn’t recoil on firing. And wherefore these ever-longer credits … ?”

“An interesting and poignant WW2 film, portraying an aspect (of war) that is rarely covered in such films.”

“Another film showing that All is not so Fair in Love or War!”

“Reminiscent of Algerie Française and post-war de Gaulle”

“Its heart was in the right place but not the subtlest of anti-war films – and those 2hrs [rt] were long!”

“Too much war, two weeks in a row!”


A:39, B:4, C:1, D:0, E:0 to give 97%