DIARY OF A LOST GIRL (Das Tagebuch einer Verlorenen)


This is our annual silent film, accompanied live on piano, as for more than 25 years, by Andrew Youdell. It stars the American actress of legendary beauty, Louise Brooks, who is depicted as a corrupted innocent. She becomes pregnant, is thrown out of the family home and ends up working in a brothel, but eventually marries into the aristocracy. “A compelling indictment of the society of the time” (Martin Bamber, SensesofCinema.com). (115 mins)
Dir: Georg Wilhelm Pabst, Germany 1929
This programme will begin at 7.30 pm. and take place at St Nicolas Church, Market Place, Abingdon).


“A great, pacey film. Brilliant acting but a pity about the happy ending!”
“Extra-ordinary! That ‘dance lesson’ was incredible – ludicrous but touching. Not easy to know what to say – the baby was rather a surprise and very confusing.”
“Without the burden of dialogue, how splendidly ‘international’ were these silent films! …and a few more silent films, please!”
“Good for its time but too many caricatures and grotesques. Louise Brooks doesn’t act – she just looks beautiful.”
“Where did Pabst find those people? Louise Brooks was wonderful and the Madame too – a bit like Dorothy L. Sayers to look at.” “What a sinister lot of people!”
“The piano accompaniment completed a superb event.”
“An inspired accompaniment – well done!”
“Great film – Andrew Youdell superb as usual. Introduction indistinct.”
“I wonder what St. Nicolas would have made of this humane but immoral film!”


A:23, B:16, C:2, D:0, E:1 to give 86%