Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

4/01/2018 19:45.
Cert PG

Kubrick’s satirical masterpiece, made at the height of the Cold War, still resonates. His casting of Peter Sellers in a trio of roles showcased the comedy actor’s abilities at home and in America. Sterling Hayden gives brilliant support as conspiracy obsessed Brigadier General Jack D Ripper. The image of Slim Pickens as Major ‘King’ Kong straddled across a nuclear bomb will forever remain a powerful reminder of the absurdity of the arms race. Such lunacy could never happen today, could it? “‘Better dead than Red,’ some said. Others said the opposite. The choice was not appealing.” Rogerebert.com

Dir: Stanley Kubrick 91mins USA 1964


  • Bang on
  • Terrifying film
  • Fabulous – funny, serious, terrifying and beautifully shot/acted. Thanks for reminding me what a great film
    this is.
  • Superb – and so relevant! Sellers wonderful
  • A harrowing masterpiece, especially with recent world events making the film more prescient than ever
  • Brilliant film – thank goodness for CND!
  • Incredibly good for its age
  • Still very good!
  • A bit close to the bone!
  • Amazing what you can do without CGI. Very pertinent in these ‘Trumpian’ times
  • Very interesting. Just remember who is in the White House now! Could have done with subtitles, though
  • Very good – never seen it before! Lots to think about. Sellers was amazing
  • First ¾ of film brilliant. Pity the flying scenes didn’t really work
  • Having read the introduction, I was not disappointed
    Daft – but brilliantly filmed. That’s Kubrick for you
  • Better than when I first saw this ten years ago – when it was terrible
  • ‘Some Sunny Day’ indeed. Happen to be reading Vera Lynn’s autobiography
  • Far too loud and largely incomprehensible – so not very impressed


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