EVEN THE RAIN (También la Lluvia)


even-the-rain-tambien-la-lluvia-nov-7thWhile making a film about Columbus’ conquest of the Americas, film-makers Sebastian (Gael García Bernal) and Costa become embroiled in local politics. Having chosen to film in Bolivia, to exploit the low wage economy, art begins to mirror life, as their politically active leading actor Daniel is also campaigning against a water company intent on imposing water charges. The script is by Ken Loach collaborator Paul Laverty – an enjoyable and politically astute film. “The dubious role of film as history, heroic act and hegemonic force is plumbed with lucid sensitivity” – Ann Hornaday, The Washington Post. (Cert 15)
Dir: Icíar Bollaín 99 mins Spain/ Mexico 2010

Programme Notes

Even the Rain (También la Lluvia)
Spain/Mexico, 2010, 99mins, Cert 15

Tonight’s film is a play within a play, using the device of filming the making of an epic film which aims to explore the impact of Columbus’s discovery of the New World on the indigenous people. Paul Laverty’s screenplay reflects his long career as a civil rights activist and his association with Ken Loach in films such as The Wind That Blows the Barley. The filming takes place in Bolivia, where local people are engaged in roles in the cast and crew. Inevitably the narratives of the film, the film-makers, and the social and political context become intertwined, and unintended consequences follow. How did director Icíar Bollaín deal with such complexity? In a comment last year, she says, “All in all, Even the Rain is by far the most complicated movie I have made. It has been an adventure and a great challenge for everyone involved, but very exciting. How do you eat an elephant? Bite by bite, as the saying goes. How do you shoot a movie with so many extras, characters, and so much action? Shot by shot. That’s how I faced it.”

Costa (plays an executive producer) – Luis Tosar
Sebastián (plays the director) – Gael García Burnal
Daniel (plays Atuey) – Juan Carlos Aduviri
Antón (plays Colón) – Karra Elejalde

Director – Icíar Bollaín
Screenplay – Paul Laverty
Cinematography – Alex Catalán
Original Music – Alberto Iglesias
Producer – Juan Gordon

“Films about filmmaking can be navel-gazing, but Bolaín and Laverty offer a cutting, self-critical analysis…” Dave Calhoun, Time Out.

“…a story both admirable and ambitious and devastating in effect, neatly helmed by Spanish director Icíar Bollaín.” Declan Tan, TheQuietus.com.

“A terrific piece of writing…people should make the effort to see it!” Mark Kermode on BBC Five Live.


“An excellent film filled with great performances and a political theme that kept your attention throughout the story”

“Challenging, terrific and thought provoking”

“A powerful film with many messages – and based on good principles!”

“Gripping. There is always some one who holds on to the power of redemption.”

“Gripping stuff!”

“Very powerful”

“Very well done – such a wonderful montage”

“Unmistakeably Laverty!”

“Excellent. I just wish I could understand Spanish, then I think I would have got even more out of the film.”

“Very clever interweaving of a film within a film. Powerful performances from the lead players. Touching ending.”

“Brilliant and provocative but lost its grip at the end”

“Gripping mixture of reality and fiction on film but the ending was far too quick and the restoration of order far too sudden and unrealistic.”

“Laboured the point for much of the film but redeemed itself towards the end.”

“Very good but got a bit silly with the dash to the hospital in the ‘magic’ car.”

“A bit too ambitious about exploitation and horror. Pity about the poor direction.”

“A feature was the excellent subtitles – visually clear and crisp enough not to distract from the scene behind.”


“Well worth waiting for! Does Thames Water have interests in that region? I wonder ….”

“I’m too exhausted to write anything!”


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