10/10/2019 19:45.
Cert E

Romantic comedy telling the story of a boy who falls in love with a deaf mute girl only to discover that expressing his love for her is more challenging than he thought

Dir Sabina Sattar, 8 mins, 2014

Programme Notes

As a special bonus addition to tonight’s programme, we’re delighted to welcome independent film-maker and TV producer Sabina Sattar to introduce her short film Flowers and to talk about her work as a director and producer.


  • What a terrific evening of independent cinema! Sabina Sattar’s passion for making and teaching film shone brightly in Flowers, with its structural build-up of the key gags
  • Thanks to Sabina for coming all this way to show us her lovely film Flowers
  • Excellent film, so full of surprises. I hope we shall see more of Sabina’s work
  • Delightful – may we see more of her films!
  • What a sweet film!
  • Witty and uncomplicated – well acted and filmed
  • A lovely story
  • Lesson – love is always love


A:14, B:7, C:1, D:0, E:0 to give 90% from 76% of those present.