Force Majeure (Turist)

11/01/2018 19:45.
Cert 15

Swedish director Ostlund transports a perfect Swedish nuclear family to a snowy ski resort in the French Alps. On holiday with their beautiful children, Vera and Harry, handsome parents Tomas and Ebba are enjoying all that the luxurious resort offers. Under this shiny veneer lie delicate fault lines like those hidden below the snow, when a sudden avalanche exposes all, irrevocably. “This brilliant, viciously amusing takedown of bourgeois complacency, gender stereotypes and assumptions and the illusion of security rubs your face in human frailty as relentlessly as any Michael Haneke movie.” Stephen Holden, New York Times

Dir: Ruben Ostlund 120mins Sweden/France/Norway/Denmark 2014


  • With its masterful use of extended shots and intense performances, this was an enthralling experience from start to finish, although the long runtime may alienate the average modern movie-goer
  • Very clever film
  • I enjoyed this film – the suspense throughout was great. He came out a hero
  • A gripping film with splendid scenery but plot sometimes hard to follow
  • Lovely scenery and photography. Good cast and acting, especially the children but rather long. I’ve never skied – and won’t be trying!
  • Beautiful scenery. Clever film but unsatisfactory ending. Beautifully acted
  • A film with much to reflect on – more later ….
  • Seemed to lose focus near the end
  • Ending disappointing – not a very exciting story
  • What weird film but beautifully photographed
  • Stranger than Strangelove.
  • Why is (electric) teeth cleaning in stereo so photogenic?
  • Didn’t really get into it – maybe a bit depressing for a Thursday evening after a tough day at work. I thought the relationship broke down far too quickly. I was distracted by the male lead looking like Michael Portillo!
  • Very depressing. Reminded me of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf? But without the fireworks!
  • Exhausting and difficult to watch
  • I look forward to my skiing holiday!
  • Certainly a turn-off for skiing holidays! Improbable personalities and situations but tense and gripping nevertheless
  • Unrealistic – needed a good editing
  • This merited an ice warning
  • Tenerife next year?
  • A film to make you thoroughly piste off!
  • Very friendly cinema – better than average. Good experience


A:7, B:17, C:11, D:0, E:1 to give 70% from 95% of those present.