22/03/2018 19:00.
Cert 12

Shot mainly in black and white and for the most part in German, Frantz is a use by prolific French director Ozon of a new and engrossing sober style. In post WW1 Germany Anna is mourning the death of her fiancé Frantz and is now living with his parents. While on one of her frequent visits to Frantz’s grave she encounters a Frenchman, Adrien, who explains that the men had been friends. Against a background of anti-French feeling a friendship develops between the two, which is accepted by Frantz’s parents. However all is not quite as it seems when Anna leaves to travel with Adrien to Paris.

Doors open at 19.00 for this joint event with Abingdon and District Twin Towns Society. It is in the main programme and the film is covered by your subscription but food & drink are extra. The film starts at 19:45 approximately.

Dir: François Ozon 112mins France 2016


  • Amazing – I’m speechless! Thank you for showing this film
  •  Quite lovely. Not many laughs but lovely
  •  Such sensitivity. Was the film in danger of going all sentimental on itself? No – not even close!
  •  Excellent film – full of unexpected treats
  • Some improbable things but I don’t know how such deep pain could have been resolved in a better way
  •  Half-way through, I thought ‘Thank God for big white lies’ but then I changed my mind ….
  •  A master-work by director Ozon
  •  Fascinating – super direction
  • Reasonably paced with music that, at times, had an element of vintage Hitchcock – but it did make me want to see Lubitsch’s Broken Lullaby
  • Very appropriate!
  •  Amazing cheese and bread. Thank you, Anita


A:17, B:3, C:1, D:0, E:0 to give 94% from 64% of those present.