garage-mar-5th“Garage is beautifully shot and just as beautifully acted” (Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian). In this assured second film from Irish director Leonard Abrahamson, which has been compared to the work of the Dardenne Brothers, we are brought a tale of a small town in rural Ireland, where Josie, a gentle but simple soul, is the put-upon local garage attendant. The film’s narrative balances this tale of tragedy and comedy with gentle pace and beauty, as Josie tries to find love and friendship within the local community. Excellent performances from Pat Shortt, Anne Marie Duff and Conor J Ryan. (Cert 18)
Dir: Leonard Abrahamson 81 mins Ireland 2008


“A stunning film in all senses!”

“A delightful gem of a film – where do you get them from? I shouldn’t think the garage made much profit.”

“A beautiful film, brilliantly acted, ie Shortt, and carefully directed” [rated D]

“Well acted by the Josie character.”

“The first hour was pure Samuel Beckett – waiting for Godot, then Godot arrived.”

“A solid but sad piece of Irish cinema.”

“Very well acted. Sad story, well presented. No intrusive music but the intro. and credit music (tracks) were haunting.”

“Excellent, sensitive and very sad”

“Just rather sad”

“Very sad but honest – bleakly beautiful”


“Excruciatingly sad”

“How sad – what wasted lives!”

“Echoes of other films which show the marginalisation of a lonely person by their community.”

“Ah, those bleak, barren Midlands na h’Eiurran, ogus Ballykissangel gone wrong. Lovely shots of waterboatmen and the horse towards the end but tempo a bit over-slow.”

“Not quite Billy Liar but a possible ‘rites of passage’ movie. One or two cringe moments!”

“Needed more somehow – apart from sub-titles. I really thought the horse was going to rescue him at the end.”

“English sub-titles would have been nice!”

“Moral of this story – don’t go to Ireland! Bleak lives, bleak landscape. Who played the horse?”

“Always trust a four-legged friend.”

“It was the horse wot dunnit!”


A:9, B:19, C:8, D:3, E:0 to give 72%