British documentary film-maker Nick Broomfield has made a film prompted by the drowning of Chinese cocklers in Morecambe Bay on 5th February, 2004. Not a mere reconstruction of that famous tragedy, but a carefully-researched account of the victims’ poverty-stricken conditions of life in China, their harrowing journey to Britain and their treatment once here. “There is an eerie beauty to the film that lifts it above the level of a polemic, into the realm of real art” (Tom Huddleston, (96mins)
Dir: Nick Broomfield, UK 2006


“Very well done”
“What a shocking revelation. Very sad but we need to know more about what goes on behind the scenes of (apparent) respectability.”
“A very disturbing film about the realities of life to which we don’t normally get exposed.”
“Quite harrowing and tragic. A well made film.”
“Grim but convincing – you couldn’t really fault it.”
“An important story but I don’t suppose it will change anything.”
“Very moving but will this film be shown in China?”
“A very straightforward tale, told simply and with compassion.”
“This film should be shown on all channels.”
“Brilliant opening with a very vivid sense of the incoming water.”
“If we pinky-grey-skinned ‘whites’ are the Ghosts, then the film was about us – and quite right too! …. but remember they chose to come to England.”


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