12/10/2017 19:45.

The first of several shorts shown as part of 2016’s Encounters Festival
DepIcT! programme, in which films had to have a run time of no more
than 90secs. From graphics graduate Petra Balekic, Impacts features
several figures, where one starts going against what everyone else is
doing. It won the main DepIcT! award for that year.

Petra’s Vimeo page

Dir: Petra Balekic, Croatia 2016, 1½ mins


  • Had an (erm … ) impact with its striking character animation and empowering sound design
  • Purposeless but threatening – I kept expecting a disaster!
  • Great fun
  • Sort and sweet – and funny
  • Quirky but fun
  • Too short!


A:7, B:8, C:9, D:3, E:0 to give 68% from 82% of those present.