Inside out

14/12/2017 19:45.
Cert U

This Pixar animation is in a class of its own. The protagonist, 11 year old Riley, is devastated when her family uproot from Minneapolis, where her love is ice hockey, to the sunny climes of San Francisco. Her upheaval is depicted by the manifestations of her inner feelings of Sadness, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Joy (who has a hard time balancing all the rest). Suspend your disbelief – this is high class animation. “… a dazzling exploration in abstraction, education and lushly textured entertainment.” Jonathan Romney, Sight & Sound.

Dirs: Pete Docter/Ronnie del Carmen 91mins USA 2015


  • A good exposition of a single idea
  • Very imaginative – appealed to both kids and adults on different levels
  • Not sure children would have understood this
  • Action-packed, fast moving, very colourful, never a dull moment, intriguing dialogue, unique – but I’m not at all sure I understood it!
  • Great animation but too much symbolism for me. Some dialogue too ‘American’ and therefore unclear
  • Good animation but grating US voices spoilt it!
  • I have half seen this a couple of times but had not paid sufficient attention to it. Some aspects, e.g. how sadness can be positive, had passed unnoticed. Having seen a couple of doctors credited in the film, I wondered what relation it might have to current thinking and found: and subsequently:
    which picks up especially on sadness
  • A neat idea. I enjoyed the shots of San Francisco but overall I ended up full of sadness rather than joy
  • Certainly boasted some lovely music and snappy characterisations but, at its core, the film was a crowd pleasing fable that would keep most people amused. No masterpiece but not bad either
  • Great fun – but please can we have subtitles in future!
  • I couldn’t make out what they were saying most of the time – but did it matter? Not very realistic
  • Not my scene – very clever but tiring
  • Not for me, I’m afraid even if it had had subtitles
  • Nice animation but cheesey!
  • Life is not like that!


A:4, B:8, C:7, D:4, E:1 to give 60% from 80% of those present.