juno-dec-3rd16 year old Juno, after a first sexual encounter with former boyfriend Paulie, finds herself pregnant. Cerebral and wise beyond her years she explores and then rejects the idea of abortion, deciding to have the baby and then have it adopted. Her supportive father and step-mother allow her to do things in her own way. Paulie also decides to take a step back. This film, with much humour and optimism from Diablo Cody’s witty script, explores what could have been a dull morality tale, and carries the audience with it. (Cert 12A)
Dirs: Jason Reitman 96 mins USA/Canada 2007

Programme Notes

Thursday 3rd December 2009


USA 2007 92 minutes Cert. 12A

To provide a little light relief at this stage of the darkening winter, is this unlikely comedy from director Jason Reitman. Tackling the thorny subject of teenage pregnancy but with lightness of touch from scriptwriter Diablo Cody, Juno MacGuff a wise and resolutely positive 16 year old (Oscar nominated Ellen Page) finds herself pregnant after her first sexual encounter with the equally inexperienced Paulie (Michael Cera). The film speaks both to viewing parents and teenagers, and navigates its way without sentimentality or judgement through the predicament the MacGuff family find themselves in. At the same time addressing the issues of abortion and adoption, and what the modern family unit is today, it also explores the attitudes across the generations. Visually bright and cheerful, capturing small town America in its ordinariness with some extraordinary characters drawn in the friends and family of the thoroughly endearing Juno.

“Has there been a better performance this year than Ellen Page’s creation of Juno? I don’t think so. If most actors agree that comedy is harder than drama, then harder still is comedy depending on a quick mind, utter self confidence, and an ability to stop short of going too far. Page’s presence and timing are extraordinary.” Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

“The film owes its power to Ellen Page’s lovely performance and to Cody’s funny script, which treats the subject of status with shrewdness and compassion.” Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

Juno MacGuff – Ellen Page
Paulie Bleeker – Michael Cera
Vanessa Loring – Jennifer Garner
Mark Loring – Jason Bateman
Mac MacGuff – J K Simmons

Director – Jason Reitman
Screenwriter – Diablo Cody
Cinematography – Eric Steelberg
Original Music – Matt Messina
Producers – Lianne Halfon, John Malkovich, Mason Novick and Russell Smith



“Simply enchanting!”

“Charming and quirky”

“Very charming and engaging. Good soundtrack.”

“Totally charming, warm and believable. Loved the songs.”

“A totally heart-warming film [and] a win-win [outcome] for everyone. Juno was very brave and sorted!”

“A sentimental but enjoyable fantasy about the American dream come true. Everyone wins – finishes with a shot of roses round the door?”

“Marvellous – Juno and Bleeker were, like, totally awesome!”

“A real feel-good film. Very human.”

“A down-to-earth comedy that stood out for its charm and sharp script.”

“As enjoyable as the last three times I’ve watched this film.”

“Sweet – and now I won’t have to watch it on TV. Can we have Wizard of Gore next year, please?”

“Subtitles would have been useful to get all the gags.”

“Not much [of a film], if it weren’t for the charm of Juno herself – and the music sucked!”

“Corny – good acting but poor dialogue”

“Shallow – [and] from a nation that is still coming to terms with sex”

“Quite amusing if one can forgive a grossly over-romanticised version of a grim situation. Bring back single-sex schools!”


A:16, B:8, C:9, D:2, E:0 to give 77%