Cert PG

Here’s a likely story: patron of the arts Dr. Goebbels, in the middle of the war, says, “Make me a film using Agfacolor of Münchhausen’s tales. We’ll have no propaganda; and get that Erich Kästner, the one who wrote ‘Emil and the Detectives’, whose books we burnt, to write the script”. And so, as it were, it came to pass, (unless you believe there’s no such thing as an apolitical film). A spectacular, lush and exotic production. (100 mins)
Dir: Josef von Báky, Germany 1943


“Brilliant !!”

“Completely fantastic!”

“Virtuoso escapism!”

“Escapism – the only response to 1943 (Germany).”

“Amazing – and to think there was a war on!”

“What extraordinary tosh – and in 1943! Clearly no expense spared. Why did Erich Kastner do it?  Perhaps he felt he couldn’t refuse …”

“An amazing, gripping, entertaining trifle. Technically brilliant and made just as it became clear that Germany would lose the most profound war of all time.”

“An extraordinary film – I’m pleased that you chose to show it.”

“Enjoyable fun – incredible for 1943 Berlin.”

“Enchanting – worth every Reichsmark!”

“What an adventure! Casanova, Cannon and Ball, The Invisible Man, The Man in the Moon – I thoroughly enjoyed the fantasy.”

“An amazing historical document – and a German sense of humour …!”

“Sheer delight! Delicately subversive in parts and not at all totally sexist.”

“Probably the best part was the introduction/scene setting. Long and over-elaborate: at times boring – and totally sexist!”

“I was grateful for the introduction.”

“Good/fascinating introduction.”

“An improbable tale that got better as it went along.”

“Great style, great music, great acting, great introduction. Long live Munchhausen!  Greatest [??] the films that got smaller.”

“I loved the costumes and sets but found the humour quite dated. A lovely film to look at. The introductory talk helped set it context.”

“What a performance! …great pictures.”

“Flashman’s prototype?”

“Hollywood meets Harry Potter – (but) with Hollywood music.”

“Excellent introduction but (I) didn’t feel the film lived up to it. Many visual jokes that  everyone else found funny escaped me entirely!”

“Excellent introduction – some nice, surreal imagery but ultimately too long!”

“The film was rather plodding in the early scenes but picked up a lot from the moon landing onwards.  The context in which it was made was much more interesting than the film (itself) and the highlight was Richard’s introduction.”

“Fantastically lavish. Venice looked especially good but (the film) seldom managed to engage me.”

“Well made but it never really engaged me.”

“Interesting but only moderately entertaining. Sumptuous settings, beautiful colours but soulless.”

“Not quite my cup of tea!”

“Ridiculous film – don’t know how to rate it but very glad of the opportunity to have seen it.”


A:14, B:13, C:12, D:5, E:1 to give 69%